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  • Blue Laurel

    Here’s a new band from Leeds I’m really digging at the moment – Blue Laurel. Close harmonies, spacious production, and a cracking song. The first of hopefully many tracks from them! It reminds me of what I remember the 90’s sounding like, but when you put them side by side I think this is better. […]

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  • Review: the NOOK

    A while ago I blogged about how I wouldn’t be buying a kindle. Ever since I have, of course, been fighting the instinct to buy one, not just because of my original reasons, but because I’d struggle to live it down after having such a public grumble about the Amazon based e-reader. I’d been looking […]

  • Music
  • Chairlift

    Hello. After the fairly going-through-the-motions of Eurovision last weekend, my chum Tom told me about Chairlift. We looked ’em up on YouTube and next thing you know it was about 3am after falling for the classic pass-the-keyboard YouTube game… Anyway, love these guys. Achingly cool.

  • Leeds

    So, HMV is the latest to call in the administrators. This is sad because people will probably lose their jobs, and another well known face is going from the high street, just weeks after Comet, and days after Jessops. Of course, there’ll be fingers pointed. Piracy killed HMV! Mis-management! Tax dodging offshore websites! But also […]

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  • Live and Unsigned

    I’ve written an article about Live and Unsigned for Beyond Guardian Leeds, where I take the Live and Unisgned and Open Mic UK competitions to task. Read it here! I’m personally not a fan of these competitions – I think people making their music should get paid for it when they can, however the level […]