• Food
  • HS2 & Swillington Farm

    This Christmas we went all out and got a Goose from Swillington Organic Farm. It’s a great place which has built a strong community spirit, but is under threat from HS2. I’m not against HS2 by any means – it makes sense to me to build infrastructure (especially at a time of economic trouble) but […]

  • Music
  • Chairlift

    Hello. After the fairly going-through-the-motions of Eurovision last weekend, my chum Tom told me about Chairlift. We looked ’em up on YouTube and next thing you know it was about 3am after falling for the classic pass-the-keyboard YouTube game… Anyway, love these guys. Achingly cool.

  • Foxes and Convicts
  • Merry Christmas!

    Hello! So, the Foxes and Convicts Christmas Special went out last week, and the acts were all brilliant! As a special thank you to everyone who’s listened in over the past year, here’s a special video version of the show – all the Christmassy songs in glorious high definition 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • The Internet
  • Well, that’s a plus. Sort of.

    There’s no doubt google can be awesome. Check out (FNAR) this video they made about online checkouts: That said, they just can’t get a handle on social media. I have some big problems with G+. Running the trial almost successfully google-wave-style-choked it, limiting the people that you can share with to a small fraction of […]

  • The Internet
  • The Rag Archives

    I had a nice email in this morning from someone who’s looking into how Rags – University Charity Appeals – have worked together in the past, cos of my work with Martin Smallridge on UKRag.net. I was rootling through some related stuff and found this absolute gem – it’s footage of the Rag Parade in […]