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  • Facebook Rights Manager

    Facebook have introduced new technology which lets you claim videos as your own and automatically flag when it thinks someone has pinched your content to re-upload as their own. This is excellent news for those who have had their music or personal content pinched and re-shared, only to see their hard work result in massive […]

  • The Internet
  • Apple’s Open Letter

    I’m sure most of you’ve heard about this already, but just in case, Apple have made a very interesting and well-received stand against the FBI and American government who ordered them to build a backdoor into iOS devices. Good for them. This’ll be an interesting standoff though. Can a business just ignore the will of […]

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  • The drift of Google+

    The big question I get asked more often than others is “What about Google+? That’s gotta be a good bet, right? Google must like us using their stuff, yeah?” There’s been a bit of a “conscious uncoupling” of Google+ from other Google activity. This suggests they’re finally accepting that not everyone wants their email, search […]