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  • HS2 & Swillington Farm

    This Christmas we went all out and got a Goose from Swillington Organic Farm. It’s a great place which has built a strong community spirit, but is under threat from HS2. I’m not against HS2 by any means – it makes sense to me to build infrastructure (especially at a time of economic trouble) but […]

  • Leeds
  • Blue Laurel

    Here’s a new band from Leeds I’m really digging at the moment – Blue Laurel. Close harmonies, spacious production, and a cracking song. The first of hopefully many tracks from them! It reminds me of what I remember the 90’s sounding like, but when you put them side by side I think this is better. […]

  • Leeds

    So, HMV is the latest to call in the administrators. This is sad because people will probably lose their jobs, and another well known face is going from the high street, just weeks after Comet, and days after Jessops. Of course, there’ll be fingers pointed. Piracy killed HMV! Mis-management! Tax dodging offshore websites! But also […]

  • Leeds
  • Leaving March of Dimes

    All good things must some to an end… I’ve decided to leave March of Dimes. It’s been an extroardinary few years, and I’m very thankful for the time I got to spend with them, but it’s time to move on and do something new-but-I’m-not-sure-what with music and videos and things 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s […]

  • Leeds
  • Running, Running, Running!

    Hello! Don’t worry, I’m not doing a half marathon or anything. I’m no @JoMurricane or @Bangsandabun. But lanky musician @LewisSleeman (aka Samuel Foxton Wells) is! His extra long legs mean he has fewer strides to do to make it the whole way around, and his athletic prowess means that he can SING while running! He’s […]

  • Leeds
  • Daniel Pearson

    When I was putting together the list for [intlink id=”7187″ type=”post”]Foxes and Convicts[/intlink] I stumbled across this fella on Leeds Music Forum called Daniel Pearson. He’s been recording at the fast-becoming-legendary Soundmill studios in Leeds with one of the cleverest producers working in Leeds right now, Ed Heaton. If you haven’t heard of Ed before, […]