Facebook Rights Manager

Facebook have introduced new technology which lets you claim videos as your own and automatically flag when it thinks someone has pinched your content to re-upload as their own.


This is excellent news for those who have had their music or personal content pinched and re-shared, only to see their hard work result in massive shares and engagement for someone else building their own personal vanity project.

The system is mainly set up to support brands at the moment, which is understandable as they’ll be the ones actually paying Facebook through ads, but a shame for independent artists who don’t want to distribute their stuff through pages and paid means.

On first hearing about this, you’d think pages which have made their living from “curating” content from across the internet (yes, I’m looking at you, LADBible) would be royally screwed by this – however if anything this strengthens their position. They’ve established themselves now after growing off the back of content they’ve gathered from around the internet…

But now have funding, lawyers, and the ability to make their own content.

We’re now in the odd situation whereby anyone who’s trying to copy this business model will be cut off (which, you know, good) while the pioneers keep their position as one of the biggest pages in the UK.

If you are a musician, vlogger, or any other kind of video creator – I’d urge you to sign up to Facebook Rights Manager right away!