More new Leeds music

I was dropped a line by some chaps from The Concetines about a gig they’re playing on Saturday 8th June.

I can’t make it myself, but I’ve been listening to the line up and it’s pretty nice. By far my favourite of the four acts is Black Alley, who have a pretty sultry sound… have a wee listen:

The Concetines have a fair bit of poppy promise, which you might get from this – I have a suspicion they have a lot more to come and their live set will be a cracker.

It’s a bit more difficult to find much info on Icarus, but I like their guitar sounds, and I get the impression they’ve got a bit of swagger* about them.

*I think I’m too old to use words like “swag”, but if I was younger, I would say that about them.

Finally check out Marsicans – basically the sound of Leeds in the sunshine. You can tell why they’re headlining the gig, theres a lot of good going on here:


Anyway, should be a good Saturday night – each band will no doubt have a big following for them, so the atmosphere should be pretty electric. Tickets are only a fiver and all profits are going to St Martin’s Hospice.

So get thee down! Click on the poster for a bit more info.

Incidentally, is there any other new Leeds or Yorkshire music I should know about? Let me know and if I like it I’ll pop it on Foxes and Convicts‘s Facebook page!