Review: the NOOK

A while ago I blogged about how I wouldn’t be buying a kindle. Ever since I have, of course, been fighting the instinct to buy one, not just because of my original reasons, but because I’d struggle to live it down after having such a public grumble about the Amazon based e-reader.

I’d been looking at the nook – an alternative ereader from US chain Barnes and Noble – for a while, and they were priced at the same level as Kindles, however had the tempting features of being compatible with the Leeds Library e-book lending scheme – something that Kindles and their over-zealous licensing rules wouldn’t allow.

When, out of the blue, nook dropped their prices to £29 for their entry level e-reader, I pounced. It’s more likely than not they’re both trying to clear the sales gap between themselves and the dominant Kindle, and possibly clear storeroom space for an impending upgrade, but I’m very happy to take advantage of the bargain.

2013-05-07 18.09.05The reader itself is lovely to hold – reassuringly not-too-light but nice and compact, and the thick frame meaning you can hold it comfortably in your hand. The screen, as all e-readers, is easy on the eye, however I’ve already managed to put a small scratch on it, so it might be worth investing in a case.

The battery’s lasted since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s great for dipping in and out of books.

On the downside, I’ve lost my place a couple of times, which I assume is from thumping about in my bag, however a more easy way to keep track of where you’re up to would be great.

All in all, I’m well chuffed, looking forward to being able to read more books, and am also looking forward to having a bit more room in my case for duty free on the way back from holiday!