HMVSo, HMV is the latest to call in the administrators. This is sad because people will probably lose their jobs, and another well known face is going from the high street, just weeks after Comet, and days after Jessops.

Of course, there’ll be fingers pointed. Piracy killed HMV! Mis-management! Tax dodging offshore websites!

But also out come those revealing in the demise. “More business for indies!” “They shouldn’t have stopped staff showing their tattoos!”

The tattoos thing, I believe, was over stated, and despite all their faults (just today I was derisively saying how HMV was now a t-shirt shop that sold a couple of CDs) it’s sad they’re shutting up shop.

I don’t think this means suddenly indies like the amazing Crash or Jumbo in Leeds will be rammed with more customers, as the people who shopped in HMV are more likely to just go to Amazon, Tesco or iTunes for their musical purchases.

Gone will be the Saturday afternoons of huge shops filled with all the music you could imagine, and groups of teenagers sorting through, discovering, slagging off each others tastes. To be replaced with individual tracks downloaded off iTunes.

That’s the real loss here.