Foxes and Convicts – the #LeedsPlaylist

So, I popped down to the Adelphi the other week, and bumped into the lovely @Wandapops. She told me about this new thing she’s been doing called #LeedsPlaylist. A startlingly good simple idea – like the mix tapes of old (well, not that long ago. I keep telling myself) people put together 10 tracks of songs that mean something to them.

I’ve done a silly thing called Foxes and Convicts for a few years now, and the result of that is a whole raft of ace live sessions of various Leeds* acts – so I popped them into a soundcloud playlist and wanda’s popped them on the site!

So, take a wee look. It’s at and well worth subscribing to (and submitting to) if you’re in Leeds and like music.

While I’m talking foxes, I’ve done a new Facebook page to keep everyone up to date with foxy goings on. Like it… If you like…

*and a little bit around and about