2 albums a week – weeks 5 & 6

And the latest…

Kaiser Chiefs – the future is medieval: smart distribution system aside, this is 20 album tracks. I’d have loved quite a lot of it 15 years ago. If you want the big singalongs, go have another listen to an earlier album.

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die: Apparently you have to either love or hate her, there is no room for inbetween… Which is difficult cos it’s a pretty inconsistent album – opening with the title track made me realise how I’d quite liked it at first these radio, but now was BORED to die a death (see what I did there?) by it, it’s a bit up and down. Shades of the pretentious warbly indulgence of the latest Florence and the Machine album give way to some pregood decent electro tracks. A good 9 track album squeezed into a 15 track album. This years Jem. Remember her? Welsh girl. Was everywhere. For a while.

Django django – django django: NOW you’re talking. Excellent album, should be listened to in a dark crowded sweaty room filled with smoke before a set by Mothers of God.

Metronomy – the English Riviera: achingly cool electronic surf that bears relistening. Let it get under your skin. This will probably be everywhere this summer, and I’m Ok with that.