What’s next?

Lets face it, ANYTHING I post now is going to seem a little anti-climactic after the fairly big events of the last post, then dissappearing for about 7 weeks.

So, here’s some of the stuff I have coming up that I’ll be blogging about soon:

Leeds Indie Radio

The Foxes and Convicts shows from the start of the summer were really popular, and thanks to everyone who listened to them! I’ll be recording a Christmas special in a few weeks, and recording a new series of interviews with Leeds Music types in the new year. Drop me a line if you want to be involved!

New Music

There’s loads out there! I’ll do a roundup of what I’ve been listening to, both local and from further afield…

March of Dimes

New Single Sleeping Giant has come out, and given me a bit of an insight into the music market… I have some misgivings about it all to share soon!

Online Tech

Google+ is pretty much knackered isn’t it? I’ll be posting about how Google have screwed up *ANOTHER* launch. (and possibly watching my SEO rankings dissappear…)

…and plenty more besides. So, stay tuned, sign up if you like, and may normal service(ish) resume!