Baby Murricane

On Sept 9th, 2011, at 4.08 in the morning, our daughter gave us a bit of a surprise and appeared in the world! In the scheme of things, she WAS 16 days late, so shouldn’t have been THAT much of a surprise, but these things do always seem surprising, even when totally expected.

We’ll be naming her soon. No, not CALLING her “Soon”.

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  1. Look how much she likes you both already! She’s so beautiful. She was never going to be anything else, with you two for parents, but she’s just gorgeous. I just did an audible “awwwwwwww” on my own on the metro, like a loon. And Jo, how do you look so bloody gorgeous having just given birth? Made up for you both. X

  2. Huge congratulations Sean and Jo! She is absolutely adorable and delighted to see such beautiful pictures- well done 🙂 XXXX