Daniel Pearson

When I was putting together the list for [intlink id=”7187″ type=”post”]Foxes and Convicts[/intlink] I stumbled across this fella on Leeds Music Forum called Daniel Pearson. He’s been recording at the fast-becoming-legendary Soundmill studios in Leeds with one of the cleverest producers working in Leeds right now, Ed Heaton. If you haven’t heard of Ed before, you’ve probably heard of some of his work recently, producing Hannah Trigwell, Secret Sirens, and a few more including The Finnlys… But I digress.

Daniel is right up my street – So much so I was rather stunned I hadn’t heard of him before. Anyway, if you like your sweeping soundscapes to be anthemic and heartfelt, get involved.

Daniel’s on Facebook here, and Twitter here.

He has a new single – Wishing Well – out now.


  1. We added Daniel Pearson to our playlist early last year with a song called ‘Tracks’. I shall have to give him a shout and get ‘Wishing Well’ on the list soon :).