Foxes and Convicts: The Leeds Indie Radio Sessions

Over Christmas our beloved Hope House studios flooded, so we had to shift to the room next door. The silver lining with this was a great new studio for us to practice in, and record live sessions.

Photos by Louise Distrass

I’ve been running a Podcast with Jon from the Dimes, called Foxes and Convicts, for a while now. We’ve been bringing various different acts in to Hope House to record some sessions and have a bit of a chat, and we’ve been putting them out on podcasts. If I’m honest I have no idea how many people have actually been listening to them cos I screwed up a setting on the tracking software, but that’s by the by. Lots of people tell me they listen and like it, and that’s good enough for me.

To celebrate re-opening our studio, we got some of the finest acts we have worked with on the Foxes and Convicts night to all pop down on Saturday afternoon and record some songs for a brand new version of the podcast which will be premiered exclusively on Leeds Indie Radio. It’s a great privilige to turn our daft larking around into a proper show for LIR, who are celebrating a year doing amazing things for local music. Having heard the early mixes this will be a great part of their lineup.

So – coming soon to LIR, a brand new series of Foxes and Convicts, featuring:

March of Dimes - Photo by Louise Distrass
  • Daniel Pearson
  • Charlie Barnes
  • Louise Distrass
  • March of Dimes
  • Tag Team Preacher
  • Secret Sirens

…and many more! I’ll post up when they’re finished and scheduled in!

Depending on how the various life-changing events pan out I’ll be looking to record the next series in the late Autumn… Keep in touch if you’d like to be part of it and get your live set on Leeds Indie Radio!


  1. Louise totally caught me eating my creme egg there! Red handed. It was a splendid afternoon with good music, good times and good eggs (creme ones indeed but also of the person kind). Can’t wait to hear it. We are sure lucky to know some talented folks, for sure.

  2. considering the scale of this momentous occasion, you’d think someone might crack a fookin’ smile. Good work on the podcast, I listened to every one – great music and witty banter. Look forward to the new season.

  3. This was a fantastic session of music! Very privileged to be a non-performing sneak peaker. My friends from the Big Shmoke loved it too. Looking forward to the podcast 🙂

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time. I would have loved to have been there…miss it big time.