It’s flipping Pancake Tuesday!

Hello! Jo here, borrowing Sean’s blog. Again.

This morning's pancakes!
This morning's pancakes!

Pancake Day is brilliant. I still get ridiculously and unashamedly excited about it! When I was little we’d sit around the table every year, while my Mum made pancake after pancake, bringing each one through as they were made until we were full. I think it might have gone on for hours! I still make them every year on Pancake Day, and at every opportunity in between. I don’t know why, but pancakes seem a lot more fun than a lot of foods?!

Please make your own pancakes on Pancake Day! Packet mixtures, especially when made from things that are already in most people’s cupboards, make me unreasonably cross. It’s cheaper, and so much better to make your own. People say it’s easier from a packet, but it honestly isn’t for pancakes – making the batter is the easy bit!

(Also, I just googled ‘why use packet food’, and on the first page was a link – Tips for adding taste to bland packet food – enough said.)

Here is the recipe that I’ve used ever since I can remember, from the olde worlde cookery book I pinched from home. It’s really simple and has worked every time. (Apart from when I was at university, and a friend thought that adding red wine to the batter would make for an interesting pancake… disastrous!)

Give it a go this Pancake Day!

What do you have on yours? I’m a lemon a sugar classic pancake girl myself.


  1. Lemon and sugar every time! Though in France last summer, we had apple sorbet and cherry-chocolate spread (made of cherries we picked ourselves!) and that was pretty good also…

    1. I’m very impressed with your cherry-chocolate spread! Freshly picked too! POSH pancakes 🙂 Sounds delicious.

  2. Lemon and sugar, natch! Although if we’re talkin American pancakes then roll on the maple syrup, bacon, blueberries and all things wonderful. Proper pancakes make me a purist. I remember a day me and a pal from school decided to make as many as we could before being almost sick. I think we did three batchesnif batter…, oh the lemony sugar high that followed. I’m also a fan of the first pancake, thick , clumsy and doughy it may be but you gotta love that bad lad. Mmmm pudding xxx

    1. Nomnomnom. I love American style pancakes too – Sean makes some pretty special blueberry ones 🙂

      I like the first one too! Some people throw it out?! Tsk. PANCAKE WASTE.

  3. Those pancakes look yummy, and I love your retro book too. I have lots of old cookbooks like that – but no Be-Ro ones.