Major plot twist! Jo and I are having a baby!


My good lady wife, Jo is preggers! Up the duff! Avec le bun dans le four! In the family way!

Yes, we’re having a baby. It’s rather exciting, you know.

And no, we won’t be changing our facebook profile pictures to be pics of the scan/child. Because we will still have faces, you know?

Thanks for the lovely messages from everyone who’s said nice things about it all so far 🙂

Sean & Jo x


  1. Yeah, yeah… I give it no more than 2 weeks before there’s pics of the little one in pride of place instead of yours or Jo’s mugs…

    Can you beat my record of most facebooked birth ever though? Or has Jo already threatened to mash your phone if you even attempt it? 😉

    Congrats… Wonder if it’s triplets… #chuckle 😉