Stupid Tax

Hello. Happy new year. Do we still say that? Sure, why not. It’s the first blog post of the year after all.

Now, we’re not far into this year, and I’m already £2.85 worse off. Why is this? Interest rates? VAT? Inflation?

No. Stupid Tax. In short “Stupid Tax” is the tax you pay when you do something a bit stupid. In this case, I left my train pass at home last friday, so that was £2.85 Stupid Tax to buy a day return. Not the biggest Stupid Tax I’ve paid, but a totally avoidable payment.

Ever drunkenly broken one of your wineglasses? That’s a Stupid Tax of a couple of quid. Forgotten to change out of your decent pair of jeans when decorating? Ouch, that can be a fair bit of Stupid Tax on a new pair. Bought something that needs batteries, bought the batteries, then realised it came with batteries anyway? Yep, that’s a couple of quid more.

Let a gym mebership go on for 6 months, unused? Put some food in the fridge and let it go past the use-by date? You just paid some stupid tax, retrospectively.

We’ve all paid it at some point in our lives. On the plus side, it means we spend more.

Maybe what we really need to save the economy is more people being really *REALLY* stupid.


  1. I love this! ‘Stupid Tax’ – am going to start using that term now because I have pretty much had similar experiences of Stupid Tax to all the ones you mentioned!
    It’s so annoying when it happens to you but two months down the line you won’t notice… or will you? Depends how much the ‘Tax’ was, doesn’t it?
    Thanks for making me giggle 🙂