The Dissemination Awards 2010

Every year my chum @ColByrne and I
award our favourite albums of the year, and although we’re a bit
late this time around, it’s been another corking year of music.

Runners Up in no particular order:

Winter of Mixed Drinks – Frightened Rabbit
A real grower – what seems like quite a lightweight album on first listen has great
depth if you persevere. More and more people are latching on to this band now, and rightly so. Being on TV shows like Chuck can’t hurt either.

The Devil and I – Lone Wolf
Leeds musician Paul Marshall shows why Bella Union were smart to snap him up. A rich, intense and sinister album.

Hope & Social – April
If Lone Wolf leaves you feeling like you’re in your “dark place” the hope and social pick you up, dust you down and get you marching onwards. Uplifting both in style and spirit, their whole fan-funded ethos and incredible live events like the snowball (and, below, come dine with us) make Hope and Social more than just a band you listen to, they’re something to be a part of.

And the Dissemination Award 2010 goes

High Violet – The National

A few months back, @Jo said to me “Listen to this three times, it will be your favourite album of the year” and she was right. The best albums need three listens to
get into, and this is right up there. Dark, moody, powerful, funny… this has everything I’d want from an album. Each time I listen to this album make me feel even more strongly fond of the live set I saw from them at Latitude. An incredible band, and
totally deserving of their new found exposure and plaudits.

(Dis)honorable Mention?

I’m probably not allowed to give an award to March of Dimes – From Those Who Were There, am I? Am I? No.

Thought not. Well screw it. I’m very proud of it.