Welcome, Yorkshire Telly!

There’s been a bit of a buzz around the Leeds cultural scene over the past few months, and a lot of it has been down to one page on a website.

“Yorkshire telly is coming soon”

After keeping us waiting and building up quite the interest, Yorkshire Telly has finally launched, and has already uploaded four great videos – a taste of things to come from this pioneering internet broadcast team.

Watching these videos made me think the following:

1) I want a double bass
2) How lovely is Yorkshire in the summertime?
3) I really want a double bass
4) There’s so much talent in Yorkshire, it’s fantastic to have a place to show it all off.

It’s worth mentioning the video technology too – loaded really quickly at a very high quality for me… I hope we can get a mobile version sometime, I’d love to see these videos on the go!

So pop on over to Yorkshire Telly and see what they’re up to. For a taster, here’s one of the first videos they’ve uploaded, I’ll let Albert Ross introduce it…