Say hello… Wave Goodbye…

Google WaveSo, Google are effectively closing down the Wave programme.

Odd, for a creation that picked up so much hype, to end up being so underused – it’s difficult to know quite what went wrong.

Officially, the uptake wasn’t as high as they wanted – and I can see why. Pitched as the great new social collaborative working tool, it was originally offered out as an Alpha release (and then Beta) to a select group of people. It integrated seamlessly with their address books, so they’d be able to connect with anyone else on the trail.

Here’s where the logic machine breaks – if you’re creating a collaboration tool, but none of your friends have the invites yet, you’re not going to be able to do much on there.

But the good thing here is that gave it a try. Google can’t be blamed for the hype that whipped up, and their commitment to innovation should be praised. That said, they could have handled what happened next better. By integrating it more closely with gmail, or mobile software, they could have held people’s interest that bit longer, and got the engagement they hoped for.

Perhaps this just wasn’t meant to be – innovation can be great, but all great innovators miss the mark sometime!