Great customer service

Viva Sometimes, a place is just so nice to you, they deserve to be shouted about.

Last Friday, I was playing the Cockpit with March of Dimes. You might have heard me mention it once or twice.

Wondering around, Jon, Gordy and I needed a bite to eat quickly, and we popped by Viva. Wondering if we had enough time to get a bowl of pasta, Gordy asked very nicely if they could rush us through as we had a gig to play… Quick as a flash we were sat down, some very nice bruchetta was brought out and, what seemed a couple of minutes after we’d ordered, a plate of very tasty pasta.

We were in and out in 20 minutes, had some really great food at a great price, and left (being waved and hand-shaken by pretty much the entire staff) really happy that this is somewhere like Viva in Leeds. Proper Italian hospitality.

If the true measure of a place is how they deal with out-of-the-ordinary requests, Viva has to be one of the greatest examples of customer service in Leeds right now.

Well done them!


    1. Very true – any time I’ve been with a niece/nephew Italian restaurants are nothing short of commendable!