A brief thought on festival sponsorship and the Times Paywall

I’m back from Latitude, another year of brilliant music and smashing times. I’ll blog about that properly. Would anyone watch a video blog entry?

Anyway, One thing that stood out to cynics (like I can sometimes be) at Latitude was the sponssorship opportunities for big brands. Big Sky 3D metal tents were created, Vodaphone reps clutching iPads were trying to take details, and the only paper you could buy on site was The Times. The main stage had a fairly bizarre piece of comparing from some no-mark who could have been from The Times, or possibly Absolute radio. His main point of being on stage seemed to be that once the festival was all over we could hear about it on Absolute Radio and read about it in The Times. Totally cringeworthy, this was a brilliant opportunity to show off some of Absolute Radio’s bigger stars (see? We *ARE* a real radio station after all!) such as Dave Gorman or Frank Skinner, both of which would have breathed a bit more life into the *very* awkward link between Crystal Castles and Belle & Sebastian.

The exclusive Times deal was perhaps controversial for an audience of almost exclusive Guardian readers, but I guess the bills need paying.

Now, The Times recently erected a paywall around their site, dropping readership by 90%. I suppose this is why they need to do a bit of promotion,and so will have forked out quite a lot of money to be exclusively available to Latitude. In order to get more people to their site, and pay a subscription to make up for the loss of advertising revinue, and to pay for things like exclusivity deals at Latitude.

Anyone else think the logic machine might have just broken?