A round up of nice March of Dimes mentions

We’ve had quite a few people say lovely things about the band and our new EP From Those Who Were There recently.

My Life in Leeds were nice enough to plug our Cockpit gig on July 23rd.

Keep Music Live / Leeds Music Promotions were nice to say “The songwriting and musicianship on show, makes it nigh on impossible for any of the bands peers to equal let alone beat this flawless CD from a very special band.”

And Americana UK gave us 9 out of 10 and a lovely review, click on the name to read it!

Thankfully we’ve only had one smelly review, but oddly enough that’s about all we’ve had back! If you would like to review it, or know of someone that would like to, then drop me a line.

You can hear From Those Who Were There by March of Dimes on Spotify, or buy it from iTunes, Amazon MP3, or 7Digital.