Gardening & chicken keeping

ChickensThis morning I was on BBC Scotland talking to Kaye Adams about our chickens, and it seemed to go rather well. We have three chickens, Henny, Penny and Captain Beaky, and they’re ace. They’re the daftest animals you can think to keep, seem to work more on instinct than knowledge, and the eggs are truly brilliant.

We have recently moved house, and fairly cheaply and easily set up a herb garden on an old bit of the garden that was over-run with bushy plants. We just uprooted it all (with quite a lot of help from an ex-tree surgeon friend) turned it over with a bit of compost and planed a bunch of herbs. I’ll post more about them soon with a pic.

The BBC are running a show about chickens soon (it’ll be in HD. I’ll watch ANY old crap in HD.) and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else I can learn about these lovely daft creatures.

EDIT: My BBC Scotland piece is here:

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  1. Congratulations on your radio appearance. How come you managed to get on that?

    Also, do you think of your chickens as pets or as livestock?

  2. Thanks, an old school chum thought of me when he was putting together callers for it.

    They’re definitely pets – they have names and we hug them!