I was on Facebook this morning, when I saw this comment:

“´The whole Spotify is just a big scum… I’ve heard some opinions from the musicians… :>” (sic)

And wanted to reply…

I’m a musician, and my band’s music is on Spotify – March of Dimes, From Those Who Were There, if anyone fancies a listen.

Being on Spotify is essential for us, just as much as the ubiquitous Myspace page. We don’t get much cash from it. We’re cool with that. If someone listens, and likes our music, ideally they’ll pop along to a gig and see us live. Then, with any luck, they’ll buy an EP – which we *do* get a bit of money from.

The big difference if on spotify, if someone shares that music and picks up on it from Twitter or Facebook or suchlike, we’re more likely to be listened to. And if we’re more likely to be listened to we’re more likely to be liked by more people.

So, far from being a big “scum” (I think you meant scam) it’s no more a scam than putting your tracks on Myspace. In fact, it’s much better.