Seasons Change video – March of Dimes


I’ve done a video for the lead track off of the new March of Dimes EP.

Written & directed by me, it features lots of our friends who pop along to, or have played at, our monthly music night Foxes and Convicts.

Featuring cameos from:
Hannah Trigwell
Gareth Aveyard
Jo Murricane
Kat Tanney
Chris Martin (Not that one)
Jon Moss
… and the rest of March of Dimes!

This also launches the new March of Dimes YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for more videos there soon 🙂


  1. Great video! Nice editing Sean – it’s looking sweeet!

    Still loving that song. Most days it’s stuck in my head. Considering the amount of music I hear every day that’s pretty good going!

    See you soon :).

    Ad x