Live at Leeds / ELFM 24 Hr Musicathon

One of the biggest weekends in the Leeds music calendar is here – Live at Leeds weekend!

ELFM Musicathon
Over something like one million venues across Leeds today bands are playing for everyone who has a wristband, and East Leeds FM is running it’s annual Music-athon… 24 Hours of non stop live broadcast, with bands from all over the region playing. Bands and musicians like Jon Gomm, Hope and Social, Rosie Doonan, Spirit of John; everyone from Hannah Trigwell to Milk White White Teeth.

I’m very excited to be taking part in two of the 24 hour broadcasts… I’m in one of the real highlights of the radio today, Maggie 8’s Jurassic Park: The Musical, which kicks off at 7pm.

Then I’ll be BACK on air at 4AM IN THE FREAKING MORNING with March of Dimes – Us? Playing in a Chapel? Why we’re making a habit of it. I think there’s a nun joke in there somewhere but I’m too excited to sit down and work it out.

So! Tune in ANYWHERE in the FLIPPING WORLD at 7pm BST and 4am BST (That’s GMT+1) – or indeed any time from 3pm BST to hear some special exciting sets from some of Leeds’ finest.

Just click here to tune in!