Virgin Media Fail

In the last week and a half our Virgin Media connection has been cut off for a total of three days.

It seems this was caused by a particularly thick breed of crook, who stole a bunch of Fibre Optic Cable thinking it was copper.

Apparently the vandals took the cable from the same site causing each of the three outages. Next time it would probably be easier just to deliver a fresh coil of cable with a bow on, as whatever security they have can’t be up to much.

So, a bunch of cable gets stolen and it takes over 12 hours to fix.

So far, so rubbish for everyone involved. Furious customers – over 30,000 of them in Leeds with no phone, television or internet access – and virgin media out of pocket. Unless they have insurance for this sort of thing, in which case they’ll be fine. They haven’t answered anything about that yet.

But while other organisations would look to make good the outage with the people that pay their bills – the customers – the twitter feed has been very little more than a shrug of shoulders, a “sorry! It wasn’t us! It was those horrible vandals” and hoping we’ll just accept that.

The Guardian have picked up on this, leading to Virgin saying they would consider reimbursing us for our outages.

On twitter, I’ve heard reports of people being offered between £3 and £10 to compensate for this disaster.

I truly hope the days of NTHell are behind us, but this catastrophic incident shows that Virgin Media can’t handle vandalism – so what would happen if a co-ordinated terrorist attack or DDOS attack took place? – and more than that they can’t handle their customers should they dare to complain about the way they’re being treated.

A tip for all telcos out there. Saying “Oh poor us, we’re the *REAL* victims here” does NOT wash with customers.