Review: I Concur – Able Archer

We’re very fond of Ike and Cur. They used to share a studio with us down at Hope House, and I’m faintly related (through in-laws and awkward family gatherings) to the guitarist.

They’ve (finally) brought out their debut album, and I think they’ve done a smashing job. Here’s what they say:

” Two years hard work, enough trips down the M1 to last a lifetime and five seasons of The Wire later, this is our debut album.

Produced in frosty Bridlington by James Kenosha (Grammatics, Duels) and released by London label Club AC30 (Swervedriver, Exit Calm), ABLE ARCHER is a collection of ten tall tales concerning lands severed by motorways, languages lost by ignorance and leaders taking lesser mortals to the brink of nuclear extinction.”

It’s definitely one of their more polished efforts, and in toning down some of the harder edges there’s some nice subtle tones in there, but fans who have followed them expecting a louder experience than ever might be a wee bit let down.

I think it’s a great direction for them to take, and in toning it down a bit they’ve brought a maturity to their sound which tells a story.

That’s not to say it’s slippers-and-pipe music by any means, as it still packs a punch, just take a look (and a listen) at this awesome video for single “Sobotka” to get an idea of how they’re sounding:

You can hear the album on Spotify, or order a copy from Club AC30.