Album preview :: Jon Gomm – Don’t Panic (2009)

One local act who’s not booked to play F&C at the moment (but the doors always open!!) is leeds-based classical guitar supremo Jon Gomm. Jon’s been on what seems like an endless world tour after his first album – 2003’s Hypertension, which has sold more than 10,000 copies to date – but has managed to finally get the new album completed. Why the long wait?

“I made the first record shortly after I’d put together a solo acoustic set and wanted to start touring: it was just a demo to get gigs. I made it a full length album because back then the gig fee was barely covering my petrol money, and I needed something to sell!”

This plan worked a little too well, and Gomm has been touring hard ever since, playing prestigious festivals around Europe and a punishing tour schedule centred around the UK and Italy, and a new album has had to wait.

Well, it’s nearly here, and we’ll be getting a copy of it soon to review. In the mean time, here’s a sneak peak at the cover :)

Jon Gomm - Don't Panic

Jon Gomm – Don’t Panic