Hello there, pull up a seat and crack open a bottle of beer. Or a cup of tea if it’s a bit early for ye.

Ah, the awkward first post. At least I’m not just writing “Errr… just testing to see if this works…” (although technically, I’ll admit, I just did…) but that aside I suppose I should let you know what to expect. Don’t want any nasty surprises eh?

I’m Sean and I’m in a band in Leeds, UK called  March of Dimes. So’s my mate Jon. Between the two of us we fancied putting on some bands at one of our favourite bars, Milo, and things have sort of gone a bit crazy from there…

We’ve been recording a podcast to talk about the bands that are playing on the night, but there’s always plenty more to say so we’ll be popping up our thoughts on bands that are playing, and bands we’d love to play, and many other things besides.

Hope you enjoy the ride :)

Seaneeboy xx