Foxes and Convicts

Since 2009 I’ve been running various musical endeavours across Leeds (and the wider internet) called Foxes and Convicts.

…at Milo

Starting out as a monthly night in one of our favourite Leeds bars,we played host to a huge number of local – and not-so-local acts!

…on iTunes

Each month we’d get some of the acts from the Milo night in for a chat and a live session – and this became two series of radio shows, released as podcasts on iTunes. One day I’ll re-edit them and they’ll replay on Leeds Indie Radio… but more of that to come soon…

…around Leeds

Along with the rest of the team from Hope House Records, some of the more special nights we put on have included

Louise Distras “Heartstrings on a Handgrenade” EP Launch at Hope House Studios

March of Dimes “From Those Who Were There” EP Launch at Holy Trinity Church

…and my awesome (yet bloody cold) 30th birthday in a barn!

…in London

For one magnificent night in July 2010, we took over the Wilmington Arms in London – and straight sold out a whole month before the event. We showcased Yorkshire’s finest, and it was one hell of a top night.

…on Leeds Indie Radio

Although the gigs are less frequent, we’ve had two brilliant sessions which became both the third series of the radio show and the Christmas Special. Hopefully series 4 will be recorded later this year and it’ll go out in the autumn!


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