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HS2 & Swillington Farm

This Christmas we went all out and got a Goose from Swillington Organic Farm. It’s a great place which has built a strong community spirit, but is under threat from HS2.

I’m not against HS2 by any means – it makes sense to me to build infrastructure (especially at a time of economic trouble) but to trash a local business like this is strange, especially when there’s an alternative on offer which will be cheaper to build and cause less environmental and economic impact.

Take a look at this video from Swillington Farm, and take a look at their page here for more info!

Adam Buxton – Creative Networks

2013-04-17 18.09.17

Back in April (yes, I’m just catching up on LOTS of things) Adam Buxton brought his incredible BUG show to Bradford. I didn’t get to go to that, but out of nowhere – well, thanks to @IdleSi – I managed to go along to a talk by Count Buckulees at the Leeds College of Art where he took us on a lovely shambly talk through his lovely shambly career. From growing up with schoolchums Joe Cornish and Louis Theroux, all the way through to the music videos review show BUG, via art college, TV and Radio shows.

There was FAR too much to detail in one review, but here’s some of the highlights from the event.

2013-04-17 19.38.43 Some lovely insights followed from their experimentations with video and parody, both how they’d just play with ideas to let them grow. Adam taking a bit of time to work out his direction, whilst Joe was single-mindedly determined to direct films.



Someone said “Joe walks around like Steven Spielberg is just going to pick him up and sweep him off to Hollywood”. It turns out they were right, just about 15 years too early.

There were some great tips and recollections about how comedy was somehow seen as a lesser art at his college, and the letters he wrote, and how you should always carry a notebook.

I think you find out what you want to say at college, and then the rest of your life you’re just trying to find different ways to say it

2013-04-17 20.04.33
As he took us through the various channel 4 shows he was involved in, from late night channel 4 sketch shows to the now infamous Adam and Joe show, he hit upon an idea of overdubbing parts of otherwise innocuous TV shows to make them funny – which works a treat.

Incidentally, he faced a practical challenge with this video – where to get the backing music from. Which led to this great point:

Ask nicely, and people will generally help you

He just called up! Said he was doing a video and they sent him the mp3.

You can see that as technology has developed, the quality of his videos (and there’s more of them than you might think) has developed too, and it’s his collaborations that often give a real variety of results.

I’d imagine that, although the event was aimed primarily at students from the college, quite a few of the general public had caught wind of the event and managed to blag their way in. That said, a lengthy talk on the creative process managed to stay entertaining and unpretentious, and Adam seemed to be able to talk about it without fear of too many demands from the audience of “Where’s Joe?” and “Do your funny song!”. Those inevitably came up in the Q&A session at the end, and I kind of felt bad for Adam to have to repeat AGAIN why the radio show was on hiatus, even though he’d just gone through that at quite great length in the show.
2013-04-17 19.16.22
All in all, It was a pretty personal journey, which at times it seemed uncomfortable for him to talk about, but that made it all the more interesting and honest – a peek behind the character that is always at its most confident reading comments out from YouTube videos. Which he did a bit of, to great appreciation from the crowd.

All in all, a fascinating insight to a fascinating character, someone who’s often his own worst enemy at making things happen, but in his most recent work – the 6Music Radio show and touring with BUG – he’s enjoying himself more than ever.

Keep up to date with Adam Buxton on twitter and his website.


Hello. After the fairly going-through-the-motions of Eurovision last weekend, my chum Tom told me about Chairlift. We looked ‘em up on YouTube and next thing you know it was about 3am after falling for the classic pass-the-keyboard YouTube game…

Anyway, love these guys. Achingly cool.

Foxes and Convicts Christmas Special!

Both thursdays in the run up to Christmas, at 7pm, the Foxes and Convicts Christmas Special will be live on Leeds Indie Radio!


Gary Stewart

Martin Plock


Steph Stephenson


Tag Team Preacher’s Steve Ward

Also, in a first for Foxes, we’ll be releasing a YouTube playlist of 5 featured songs from the show too, so you can see the Christmassy magic. It’ll be out on Friday.

Till then, enjoy this wee preview trailer for the show!

Merry christmas! Xx

Well, that’s a plus. Sort of.

There’s no doubt google can be awesome. Check out (FNAR) this video they made about online checkouts:

That said, they just can’t get a handle on social media. I have some big problems with G+.

Running the trial almost successfully google-wave-style-choked it, limiting the people that you can share with to a small fraction of the amount of people you *want* to share with… So, they have brought together a group of people to sit and stare at their screens, asking “now what?”.

Also, because g+ has only just launched on google apps, I was using a seperate google profile to use it – now if I want to use my main email address, I have to start all over again… and I don’t fancy that…

I read that Google have canned Buzz, their version of Twitter, to focus on G+. This was after Google canned Wave in order to focus on stuff like Buzz.

Google’s like that chum you have who’s full of GREAT ideas, but stumbles a bit when starting them off. Google do some things brilliantly. Docs, Analytics, tools like that. They’re not that good at Social Media, but why should they have to be? in an attempt to widen their protfolio, they’re in danger of dooming their good work by association with their bad.

UPDATE: I think I’ve worked out what I’m trying to say here… (sorry, I’m very tired)…

By setting themselves up as “the next Big Thing” they have massive boots to fill very quickly – and unless they can claim some big successes (credibly) very quickly, they are inevitably going to suffer from cynicsm towards the hype that they founded.

By becoming a specialist sort of place, for techies and beardwearers, they are probably fulfilling what they should have set out to do in the first place.

Sean will be on the panel during one of this year’s Leeds Digital Festival Lunches, details soon…

The Rag Archives

I had a nice email in this morning from someone who’s looking into how Rags – University Charity Appeals – have worked together in the past, cos of my work with Martin Smallridge on

I was rootling through some related stuff and found this absolute gem – it’s footage of the Rag Parade in Glasgow (back then known as Ygorra… as in “Ygorra give us some cash”… yes, really) from 1924. It’s good to know that nearly a hundred years before I was pratting about in a daft costume trying to raise money for charity, they were doing the same.

Unfortunately Pathe don’t let you embed their videos (BOO! What’s up with THAT, British Pathe?) so I’ll have to link to them, but here’s some great archive footage of news reports of the old days of Rag.


And here’s some from 1932:


Which was the same year Middlesex Rag actually kidnapped Santa Claus:


There are over a hundred old Rag films at The British Pathe film archive. Check them out!