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An article about Social Media

I was recently asked to write an article for the never-not-delightful bunch of people at Culture Vultures about social media and some local businesses who’d been having a bit of a rough ride on Twitter and Facebook. It is admittedly a bit pithy, and any company looking to sort out its social media won’t learn everything it needs to know from one post, but there are some lessons in there that I reckon everyone can benefit from :)

You can read the article here!

Foxes and Convicts – the #LeedsPlaylist

So, I popped down to the Adelphi the other week, and bumped into the lovely @Wandapops. She told me about this new thing she’s been doing called #LeedsPlaylist. A startlingly good simple idea – like the mix tapes of old (well, not that long ago. I keep telling myself) people put together 10 tracks of songs that mean something to them.

I’ve done a silly thing called Foxes and Convicts for a few years now, and the result of that is a whole raft of ace live sessions of various Leeds* acts – so I popped them into a soundcloud playlist and wanda’s popped them on the site!

So, take a wee look. It’s at and well worth subscribing to (and submitting to) if you’re in Leeds and like music.

While I’m talking foxes, I’ve done a new Facebook page to keep everyone up to date with foxy goings on. Like it… If you like…

*and a little bit around and about

What’s next?

Lets face it, ANYTHING I post now is going to seem a little anti-climactic after the fairly big events of the last post, then dissappearing for about 7 weeks.

So, here’s some of the stuff I have coming up that I’ll be blogging about soon:

Leeds Indie Radio

The Foxes and Convicts shows from the start of the summer were really popular, and thanks to everyone who listened to them! I’ll be recording a Christmas special in a few weeks, and recording a new series of interviews with Leeds Music types in the new year. Drop me a line if you want to be involved!

New Music

There’s loads out there! I’ll do a roundup of what I’ve been listening to, both local and from further afield…

March of Dimes

New Single Sleeping Giant has come out, and given me a bit of an insight into the music market… I have some misgivings about it all to share soon!

Online Tech

Google+ is pretty much knackered isn’t it? I’ll be posting about how Google have screwed up *ANOTHER* launch. (and possibly watching my SEO rankings dissappear…)

…and plenty more besides. So, stay tuned, sign up if you like, and may normal service(ish) resume!

New March of Dimes website

In all the kerfuffle of the last week (birthdays, gigs, life altering announcements etc)  I forgot to mention that I’ve recently launched a new website for my band, March of Dimes.

You can see it at

It’s got videos, gig listings, and our album and EP in full to listen to (and buy, if you haven’t already!)

If you like it, it would be great if you could pass on the address to your chums. Just a wee facebook post, or tweet, or anything to share what we do.

Also, if you know of any promoters or bands that might want to work with us, put them in touch with me :)

For those who are wondering, I built it in WordPress (my favourite CMS!) with a metric boatload of plugins. Every single part of the site – from the base system, to the music store, to the email system) is free to set up. In fact, apart from a bit of commission we pay to Bandcamp for the sales, it’s free to run as well! Brilliant! Gotta love ya some open source. If anyone wants to know what plugins I used for any part of it, just ask and I’ll let you know.

So… go forth and share… please! :)

I Aint Afraid of No Ghost – My #BettaKultcha presentation

My BettaKultcha presentation has been uploaded!

If you’re having trouble seeing the slides, here they are, just click on the right hand side of them every 15 seconds!!

Choose your own adventure? No thanks!

It’s been reported today that the always comical statistic of 69% of people want live voting to alter storylines in shows.

That awful BT Couple

That awful BT Couple

Now, a cynic might point out that Diffusion PR, the people that commissioned this study, have BT on their roster. The same BT who recently ran a choose-your-ending ad campaign. But far be it from me to cast such nasturtiums.

There’s no more sure fire way to bland-up your show than by giving the public a choice in the matter. Not only will you end up with lowest common denominator outcomes (I present to you Joe McElderry, Rachel Rice, that one that won that thing.. you know, whassisface, yeah, with the total lack of distinguishing features… yeah?) but to say that we, a bunch of drooling telly watching eedjits, know better than the writers is just arrogant.

Last year, during the quite brilliant, Torchwood: Children of Earth, lots of writers (some that weren’t even involved with the show) came under a huge amount of flack for killing off one of the main characters. I loved the character, a lot of people did, and killing him off was brutal, but worked brilliantly as a plot development.

If you think you can write the stories better than Steven Moffat , Graham Linehan, James Moran et al, then for goodness sake send it in to the BBC and don’t hope over 50% of viewers agree with you so it’ll turn out ok in a vote.

And if you’re writing to please more than 50% of your viewers – give up, you’re doing it wrong.

Seasons Change video – March of Dimes


I’ve done a video for the lead track off of the new March of Dimes EP.

Written & directed by me, it features lots of our friends who pop along to, or have played at, our monthly music night Foxes and Convicts.

Featuring cameos from:
Hannah Trigwell
Gareth Aveyard
Jo Murricane
Kat Tanney
Chris Martin (Not that one)
Jon Moss
… and the rest of March of Dimes!

This also launches the new March of Dimes YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for more videos there soon :)