Nov 17th Foxes @ Milo :: TOM ATTAH :: Hot Wax Reserve :: Little Giants :: FREE!

We’re back!

Sorry about the downtime there. We took a month off so we could get ourselves together and book in some incredible acts for the next few months.

I’m struggling to find enough superlatives to describe our headliner this month. Like a good bit of foot-stomping, bluesy riffs? Your jaw may well drop when you see


Grace the Foxes stage. Want a preview? Go on then:


Also playing are





4 bands? Absolutely free? What?! Oh go on then.

I can’t wait to see you all again. Milo, Call lane (Opposite Blue Rinse) at 8pm on Nov 17th. Let us know you’re coming on Facebook, and invite your chums!

Sean x

No foxes tonight, bumper edition next month!

Hello all,

It’s all about the cuts today. Just in case you’re wondering about the lineup for this months Foxes, well, it’s been cut. We’re having a month off to get ourselves sorted out for the next, frankly wonderful, set of gigs.

If you’re heading to Milo anyway tonight, they’ll still have some bands on – always good value from them!

Next month we’ll have a bumper Foxes of exceptional quality, and you’ll get a nice invite about it very soon. I’m TRES excited about it. And you should be too.

Much love,
Sean & Jon

Great North Run 2010

Guest blog post from Jo!


I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for sponsoring me to do The Great North Run!! Your support means a lot, and the money raised for Cancer Research UK is fantastic – £450!! Thank you! The charity does brilliant work, and it means a lot to me and my family.

So. I did it!!

It was an incredible day, and the whole experience was fantastic, although some of it was a bit little horrendous at the same time! The start of the event was overwhelming, I hadn’t imagined just what a huge event this is, and when we arrived I couldn’t believe it. The atmoshere was electric, and I’ve never seen so many people! Everyone was really excited, and The Red Arrows did their first fly by! Good old Ant and Dec were there to start us off, and they read out all the charities we were running for as we went passed, which raised a bit of a tear to the eye of many, just seeing what everyone was doing and why, and how determined people were. On the back of people’s vests they could put who they were running for, and one teenage lad had put, very simply, ‘Me Mam’, and that just about did it for me.

Then we got going, and the start was really exciting – running across Tyne Bridge was brilliant! The Geordie crowds were out in full and were fantastic at cheering us on etc.

It was at mile 4 that things got tough, as it was really humid and we were approaching the quiet, barren and unrelenting uphill dual carriageway. At this point there was a massive banner overhead, which read: ‘Feeling tired? Train more next time’. Probably best I don’t repeat my thoughts from that moment!

We plodded on though and the Geordes really did their best for us, ‘Come on pet!’, ‘Rich tea biscuit?’, and there were some people were outside their houses with hosepipes, spraying us to cool us down! Brilliant.

At about mile 10 the sky turned leaden, (as did my legs), and at mile 11 the heavens opened with a torrential downpour, which I really enjoyed at first! Then it got quite tiring… I’m sure these miles were longer than normal miles! But the Geordies once again came to the rescue, ‘Almost there lass!’, ‘Come on!’, and they still turned out a massive grinning crowd despite the weather.

So I stumbled and tottered along to the finish line, and you’ll see the ever so attractive picture taken at this point!! haha, I was so relieved that I’d finished though. My time was 2hours 53 minutes. I’d hoped to do a lot better, but going on holiday for 2 weeks before and eating cheese and drinking mojitos probably didn’t help. It wasn’t mentioned in the training schedule for some reason?! I’m just massively relieved to have done it, especially as in February I couldn’t even run for more than two minutes at a time!

Thanks again for your support, it really means a lot, and it helped me plod on more than you’ll ever know!

Been away for a bit…

… and now I’m back! Hello.

I’ve been on holiday -the annual jaunt to Menorca to drink the finest mojitos on God Green Earth. Jo set up a time lapse to make this animation of the stars over spain – and it looks pretty lovely. You’ll probably have to switch it to HD and full-screen to get the full effect :)

Not bad for a first attempt, eh? The focus was the main issue, and it was too cloudy on the other nights to grab another one using a manual focus instead… we’ll just have to go back.

There’ll be a guest blog later today from Jo about her Great North Run.